Ms. Iles (missiles) are a foursome (and quite a handful) based in the heart of Zürich. The boys have been making noise for 5 years now and have played over 50 gigs, mainly in Switzerland and Germany. Thanks to a self-produced EP, they got some airtime on the local radio stations, on Swiss television and a bit of media buzz, leading ultimately to their label deal with the Swiss indie label Ambulance Recordings. After signing their contract, they cut back on their gigs and started to rework their songs in order to get them ready for the studio. During a fantastic week with producer Luk Zimmermann in the Influx Studios in Bern, they recorded their first professional EP "I Thought You Knew That", which will made its debut in 2019. The first single "Chesterfield Girls" was released on 1. February 2019 and is available here. Right here you can give the full album a listen.


All of this wouldn't have been possible without the kind support of Stadt Zürich, Kulturkomission Schwyz and our loving friends and families.


Awards & prizes
Winner, BandXsz, 2013
Finalist, MyCokeMusic Soundcheck, 2014
Winner, Joiz Homerun, 2015
Winner, Joiz Homerun, 2016
Winner, “One city, 12 bands”, District 11
Mx3 Band of the day, 2018

Selection of bands we performed with
The Crookes (UK)
Matthew & The Atlas (UK)
Lily Wood & The Prick (FR)
The Sunpilots (AUS)
Neckless (CH)
Tawnee (CH)