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Dec 17, 2018 at 20:45

First Gigs Abroad in Germany

On the 14th of December 2018, we hit the road for our very first gig outside of Switzerland. Early in the morning we headed to Frankfurt am Main, Germany, to play a show with our buddies from SHAWN. We’ve got to know them when we played a gig together earlier in 2018 in Zürich. This band has a really unique Indie-sound with a feel-good-vibe. They asked us if we wanted to play another gig together in their home town – of course, our answer was yes! Time to go “international” then.

We arrived in Frankfurt in the late afternoon after driving for 5 hours and checked in at the fabulous 25-hours hotel “The Goldman”. Later, we drove to the club Ponyhof to set up for our show. It was a perfect time to promote our upcoming EP “I thought you knew that”, so we mostly played the songs we recorded in the studio earlier in 2018. We also got to know the band Oaks and Pines from Mainz, which also were very friendly dudes.

On a personal level, we think it was a very great time for bonding with each other while driving for hours on the road and being together around the clock. It was also a hell of a fun experience, we can tell you that. Musically, it was a blast playing in a foreign country where no one knows our music, so you get to see their reactions when they hear it for the first time. The crowd really got it going during our show and we enjoyed every second of it! The club was tiny, but packed with people dancing, shouting and having a great time.

The next day, on the 15th of December, we had some time to relax before heading to our next show in Friedberg (Hessen). It was just 30 minutes away from Frankfurt and we had the chance to play in a line-up with different bands and different styles of music. It was organised by Soundgarden Festival and sort of a charity gig. That was fun, too. On this very same evening, we headed back to Switzerland, driving down long roads through the dark night to finally arrive sleepy, but safely at midnight in our home town Zurich.

Being able to go abroad and play two gigs in Germany was definitely a worthwhile experience that we would love doing again. In fact, we’re already making plans for a second rendition of the concert in Frankfurt. Again at Ponyhof, again with SHAWN but this time in november. We’re excited!